Our goals are to introduce “Club Baseball” to kids ages 8 - 13 years old that have a passion for the game. As well as make it available to every family regardless of economic status, social status or any other hindering stereotype. As a non-profit we intend to make club baseball affordable and fun. 



Our kids will receive hands on coaching at age appropriate levels. At the younger levels we will focus on instilling passion for the game in a fun atmosphere while teaching basic fundamental skills. As kids move up in age they will be introduced to skills and intricacies of the game at higher levels. Club Baseball is a highly competitive arena that plays to win. Our kids will be taught to compete at a high level while still remembering it’s a game. Our kids will receive one on one instruction and team instruction not only by their team coach but by a panel of coaches across the Jr Viking organization including local athletes. 


Most of our games will be played regionally in Reno, Carson and around Lake Tahoe. On occasion we will play in other areas such as, Sacramento. The younger the age group the closer to home we stay. Tournament selections could change with the different families. Our seasons, including practices and games will span from June –November. 


The basic cost to get started with travel baseball is $200.00. This basic fee gets a player: a uniform, unlimited practice with hands on coaching and team insurance. Any tournaments and games beyond this would have additional cost. Each extra tournament would be approximately $75.00 per player and double headers $15.00 per player. Overall cost will be dictated by number tournaments & games we to play in. An average season could cost anywhere from $300 to $500. Our hope is to carry enough players on roster to compensate for families playing other sports, vacations, family time etc.... Because we are a non-profit organization we will be able to do some fundraising to potentially reduce costs. If cost is an inhibiting factor we do have scholarships available.


Being on the same page with you is vital to the success of everyone involved. Jr Vikings will operate on an “Open Door” policy always! Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions anytime no matter how trivial or complex. You can contact us at:

 530 545-0830

South Tahoe National Little League
South Tahoe High